We envision a future where Carlisle, Pennsylvania, includes a permanent place to honor the legacy of the thousands of Native children who attended Carlisle Indian Industrial School. We seek to tell the full story—the tragedy and the triumph—of the boarding school era and its impact on generations of Native peoples. That story begins with Carlisle, the first government-run boarding school for Native students. 

Our goal is to build a museum and heritage center near the original school site to share the far-reaching impact of Carlisle on our past, our present, and our future. The close proximity of this heritage center to the original school site will allow for joint tours of the Carlisle Barracks in conjunction with the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center. 

Visitors to our future heritage center will be immersed in the stories of students, be able to tour the school grounds, and learn about the wide-reaching impact of Carlisle students in the areas of athletics, art, music, military, and more. 

To make this vision a reality, we need your help. Make a donation today to support our efforts to build a heritage center and museum in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Student Listings

Our board has taken on the large goal of gathering names and tribal affiliations of students who have attended Carlisle. We are striving to create accurate listings and of course this is a large undertaking. Please help us in submitting your family member or those you know attended Carlisle to us so we can add to our directory. This helps to complete records that are so important for historical value and accuracy. If you notice an inaccuracy, please let us know!


We want to honor the legacy of the children who attended Carlisle by building a heritage center and museum near the original school site. You can support this vision by donating, by contacting us to arrange a visit, or by sharing our website or social media. Every donation and every piece of information you share helps educate the public and keep these stories alive.

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Carlisle by the Numbers

39 years of operation

186 graves of children who died while attending

140+ tribes

Hundreds of boarding schools, both private and government-run, were modeled after Carlisle.

Thousands of Students

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